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Chief Olusola Bayode


Chief Olusola Bayode served as the principal of Christ’ School, Ado Ekiti between 1984 and 1994. He was well loved and respected for his decisive and stern posture on all issues. Today, he is seen as a father of all. Many students through his mentorship have become captains of industries in all areas of life and across the globe.

If your way has crossed his path in one way or the other, kindly say how he has impacted your life. Say it when he is alive!

36 Responses to Chief Olusola Bayode

  1. Yomi Abegunde M says:

    God bless chief olusola bayode,you are loved and cherished sir

  2. Antonio Omoboya says:

    Supa administrator per excellence. He brought Christ School to the fore

  3. Abiodun Adejugbe says:

    A Great man so loved by all students including the then naughty and obiedent students.
    A Great man whose words sticks in our hearts.
    A Great man who has the interest of this pupils at heart.
    A Great man behind the success of Christ school while he was at the helm of affairs.
    Sir, you are indeed Great.
    I pray you continue to reap the reward of your labour Oga.

    • Omotayo Oni says:

      Chief Olusola Bayode should be seen as a role model for modern day teachers. Though very tough and discplined he is very cautious about taking some decisions that can jeopardize the future of his students. Though can take punishment to the extreme,he hardly expels, and some of the so called truants of those days are now responsible adults. Friday afternoon assembly is always very interesting with his rich doses of Ekiti and Yoruba proverbs.I am happy that most of the osiun ikole of those days later learnt their lessons and are doing great today.

  4. DARAMOLA Ayodeji says:

    Words really cannot describe the person of ‘Oga’ as fondly called by us. Chief Olusola Bayode practically moulded us into what later became of us for fortune and success. Succintly put, Chief Bayode is better experienced than known! Our story and indeed our life will only be likened to a puzzle which requires a particular piece to have a meaning; that important piece is certainly Chief Olusola Bayode. We forever love you sir!

  5. Akinbowale Omole says:

    I was an HSC student in Christ when Chief Bayode was the principal. He was very strict and disciplined. He wanted all of us to be equally disciplined and that in this we would all be successful in life. He,being an old boy was committed to retaining the high standard the school was noted for. Despite my being a senior student and a prefect,i remember he still used the cane on me. I am happy I went through him.

  6. Akinbowale Omole says:

    I mean Christ school

  7. Baba Bayode thought me self confidence as a young man, this is the bases of who I’m today.

  8. In many respect, Chief Olusola Bayode have been described as a modern Mason in the history of Christ’s School. He was a school personified Administrator per excellent. He showed passion towards reviving the school culture by igniting a spirit of discipline and renewal in all facet of school life and students activities.

    As an old boy with an undying vision for the school’s growth and sustenance, he contributed immensely to the management of the landscape, infrastructures, new construction works, maintenance of sound municipal services, timely provisions and monitoring of students welfare, effective and practical teaching in the classes, modest and humane discipline of staff and students and a well defined school objectives.

    Chief Olusola Bayode was my Principal for just one year out of his 10 years sojourn in the School, but the legacies of that one her had many years of lasting effects on my character modelling and behavioural change to life and attitude towards people. He his a great father and mentor indeed.

    As a school administrator, he was a workaholic who had no time for play. He was always busy either working on the desk or engaged in programme activities in the school, either monitoring work or teaching in classes. There was no dull moment. He can appear at any front at the most unexpected hour and that made it easy for him to have a one on one assessments of the situation as well as information required to deal with every brewing lapses or need among staff and students.

    He identified with the school as a distinguished old boy and he created an image of himself the envy of both staff and students. He was like a founder or owner who didn’t want his works to perish. He works round the clock. You can imagine how an investor works to protect his investment.

    Aming the students, he built an idea of I CAN DO IT and captured the attention of everyone like a father strictly working for the success of his children. He’s always up and doing and an early starter at work. He eventually built a new generation of idealists among the students who came to embrace the school ethics of ‘Not in name only, but in truth and indeed’. This he succeeded in doing by refocusing students attention towards character formation, image building, good behaviour, academic excellence and endowment.

    Chief Bayode is a greater achiever whose effort in visionary leadership brought about a turn around of the school glory and fortunes for good. Christ’s School was restored to its past lost glory and regained her confidence and pride within the short space of a decade that Chief Olusola Bayode was in the saddle. We became leaders in ‘games, sports, knowledge and morality’ as we use to sing. The same spirit is still in him as he brought peace back to the Alumni Association by his singular but unsung efforts. He is a central figure who hardly enforces himself on everyone because he has a listening ears and does not use his own wisdom alone. He takes from others or use others idea to get everyone to the right direction.

    The legacies of the Bayode era is now exhibited in the spirit and attitude of present generation of old students whose achievements in life and their commitment to the good of the school is being witnessed in bounds and celebrated far and near.

    I doff my cap for him, now and always. Baba Bayode, keepee. May you enjoy good health and sound mind even at old age, amen.

    Up School.

    Current Worldwide Treasurer & Former Worldwide PRO,
    Christ’s School Alumni Association
    Former National President & Registered Trustee, Ekiti State University Alumni Association,
    (Deputy Registrar, Ekiti State University, Ado-Ekiti).

    Editor, pls edit any typographical error sighted. I wrote on android phone and had no means of checking errors. Thanks

  9. Arinola (Ilori) Ologunleko says:

    Fatherly and caring, yet a disciplinarian to the core. He encouraged us to take issues of life seriously. I still remember his emphasis on how we should be the best in whatever we choose to do. He was always striving for excellence. A good leader to everyone. He insisted that my Dad should enrol me to take the sciences and today I’m better off on that foundation.

  10. Komolafe Rotimi says:

    My great Principal. Always proud of you. You admitted me to Christ School in 1990. You are a great ma. Father of many indeed.

  11. TundeGboladebayo says:

    Our Daddy will continue to reap the fruit of his labour. IJN
    Thank you sir for what you have done for us.
    May it continue to be well with you.

  12. Solape Omoniyi says:

    Despite the fact that I wasn’t a student of Christ School at anytime, I felt the positive impact of his fatherly love, his concern over the general welfare of everyone, though a great disciplinarian, which really put many on the right path to life, a reflection of these too can be seen on his children. A great man worthy to be celebrated, a great friend of my late parents and uncle, long live Chief Olusola Bayode!

  13. Omoyeni Abiodun Omobone says:

    Chief Olusola Bayode, A Leader, Teacher per excellence.

  14. Chief Olusola Bayode, a man that has transformed many people’s life positively, worth celebrated.

    Kudos sir!

  15. Kunle Esan says:

    Chief Bayode,an educationist per excellence. I wz so glad dat i wz able to share my thought wt him earlier dis yr wen i met him.He moulded a lot of lives.cant possibly forget our friday assembly.

  16. Oluwasanmi Olumide Adetuberu says:

    Hmmmm! My heart rejoices and I feel so fortunate to have been one of the students under the mentorship of Chief Olusola Bayode during his period as the Principal, Christ‘s School, Ado-Ekiti. He is a worthy educator who has set a great example for all of us to follow.
    Chief Olusola Bayode inspired us to be better people and to always strive to do our personal best. He was an inspiration to students and teachers who served under him. I appreciate him for spending his valuable time shaping my life, even when I was not ardent to learn.
    It is worthy of note that he is one of the special educators who will live on forever in the minds and hearts of the students whose lives he has impacted.

  17. Olorunda James says:

    A great father to all the students,a disciplinarian,his words remain my watchword(Iwo omo mi ti awon elese ba n tan o,iwo ma se gba)

  18. Akin Aregbesola says:

    Great principal, from 1984-1985 when I graduated. Very much feared by all at first, but fear later matured to love when we realized he was acting in our best interests as students.
    The thing I readily remember about him is his wake-up song and anthem to us “ogboju omo la’nye fe”.

  19. Omiata Oluwadare says:

    I can write a book on how Chief Olusola Bayode has impacted my life,he’s a very loving father,we call u “oga” in those days,u made me to be proud of my school,u gave me so many words of advise and ur words of insight are still my guide till date,whenever I remember this word “oni a kuure,oo ora re la mu fa” I change my paradigm,U’re a great icon that must always be celebrated,an icon to recorn,I love u dad


    I’m so glad seeing an administrator per excellent been celebrated. Chief Olusola Bayode congratulations Sir!

  21. falodun adetoye says:

    Chief Olusola Bayode thy maker of men…a disciplinarian per excellence.i doff my cap.

  22. adewumi adeleke says:

    Congratulation dad you are dad not teacher bcos his wife is my VP and not just VP is mum God bless your new age long life sir

  23. Ogunsanmi Oluwatoba says:

    Chief Bayode is a teacher/principal with a difference, he made me to understand that life is not easy but you can get to the top with hardwork, endurance and discipline.

  24. Yinka Adebayo says:

    A good teacher, an administrator and a good father. Baba Bayode laid a solid foundation for for all. You are appreciated sir!

  25. Akindele babatunde I (omoekun) says:

    A great disciplinarian “ijesa to gberan loja,ara wa ko.eyi to ko ile peteesi,ara wa ni”daddy may god continue to bless u and ur family. A great moulder indeed!

  26. Babatunde Faluyi says:

    What more can one say about Chief Olusola Bayode than the obvious that he left a part of himself in every student who passed through Christ’s School under his watch no matter how small. His dedication to instilling discipline and education into us went beyond the bounds of just doing his job to being on a mission towards raising men who would impact their societies while living by the time worn principles of diligence, effort and discipline. I was fortunate to have benefited from this. I am grateful my path in life and those of many others who passed through Christ’s School, Ado-Ekiti crossed yours sir.

  27. Akinyede Abayomi says:

    He is to be respected, to be honored. He is a mentor, a teacher with distinctions. Hard working man with integrity. Kudos to u

  28. Olusola Bayode says:

    I feel humbled by your comments and wonder u really you are talking about me or someone else.Believe me however when I say that I sm just a beneficiary of the grace and favour of God to have been able to lift a pin in the lives of the children He gave me to nurture into adulthood. To Him I return all the thanks and the praises. He did it all. I was a mere tool in His mighty Hands.Olusols Bayode Former Principal,Christ’s School Ado Ekiti

  29. Ayegbusi adebayo olayinka says:

    There is no amount of words that can describe this man of honour a disciplinarian a teacher and a mentor “Mr oga this way”

  30. Smart Omodunbi Jr. says:

    Oga, as Chief Olusola Bayode, was fondly called, was the architect of what most of us are today. A very strict, disciplined and competent principal/administrator per excellence. Words are incomprehensive to describe how well you shaped my life with his fatherly advice in those good, old days at Christ’s School, Ado Ekiti. Truism such as, “Iwo omo mii, bii awon elese ban tan ee, iwo maase gba”, “ooni aa kuu ire, owo arare laa muu faa” etc. He will never spare the rod to spoil the child! I am proud being an old student of Christ’s School under the tutelage of CHIIEF OLUSOLA BAYODE (1991-1994/95), but passed out under his successor Mr. Kehinde Ojo, another principled principal, who was a perfect match for my childhood stubborness. God bless these two men of honour! They shaped our lives

  31. Olusegun Popoola says:

    Christ School is place among mountains, CHIEF OLUSOLA BAYODE is a leader among leaders.

  32. Kenny ALABI (Alabee) says:

    Oga Boyoo, as Chief Olusola Bayode was fondly called then. Your were a father figure, upright in your Character and a thorough desciplinarian and I cannot forget you wearing the school uniform then in those days.
    I remember after winning the Unity CUP 4 – 0 against Eyemote Grammer School and you caught me at Abetee you said ALABI, Tio ban shee Boolu ton gba, oye kin fun ni egba gi di di.
    Thank you sir for your Mentorship.
    Stay Blessed.

  33. I was with Baba today, he even dropped me with his car while coming from Church. I am so happy associating with baba. Baba instilled discipline into my life, even just spending a term with him. He is such a wonderful man full with value. Baba, we love you. Keep serving your creator in good health.

  34. Bolanle Ogedengbe says:

    Chief Olusola Bayode, it is impossible to qualify the extent of his greatness in all ways sir,all l can say is thank God for you while l was in my teen growing up. wow! The memories are my strength till date.Thank sir and may God continue to strengthening in your doing. ” Ogedengbe this way” Lol

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